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Let’s start with a roundup of news from podcast land. And Off Menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster is celebrating their 200th episode this week, with special guest Rylan Clarke. You can read more about it on our new Podcast Rex website. Also there, a first review of The Rest is Football and a catch-up with CiCi Coleman from the First Dates podcast.

After The Tone has also launched a new fundraising drive. The podcast has a simple yet compelling format, where the artist and actor Scottee interacts with answerphone messages sent in by listeners. The show is particularly popular with both the LGBTQ+ and neurodivergent community, but the true joy is that anyone is welcome.

On Twitter, Scottee wrote: “Show me another queer led podcast whose audience is lonely mums, mental queers and angry commoners. Listened to in over 45 countries, 10% trans audience, independent and not a Love Islander insight!” The podcast needs several thousand to keep going and has now launched a Patreon, which you can contribute to here.

A few weeks ago in this newsletter we featured podcasts that were doing live shows. Since then there have been a few more to get stuck into. Restless Natives, reflecting the friendship of actor Martin Compston and broadcaster Gordon Smart, did a live show in front of 800 people last week. There’s a two-parter on their podcast feed, reflecting the before and after.

Pilot TV Podcast has also announced that, as part of their 250th episode celebrations, they will have special guests including Tom Davis. And next week the Holyrood Sources podcast, which as you can expect from its name explores Scottish politics, will be featuring an interview with First Minister Humza Yousaf. It will surely be an interesting listen after an interesting few months for the SNP.

Notable names on podcasts this week:

New Pod Bible Out!
The brand new Pod Bible magazine is out now featuring cover stars Candice Brathwaite & Coco Sarel, hosts of Closet Confessions. There’s also an interview with Marvin Abbey, Keith Dube & Tazer Black from 3 Shots of Tequila, regular columns from Audible, Stak & Auddy, brand new columns from talkSPORT and Mundial Magazine and a whole lot more! Read it here.

Here are our podcast picks for the week ahead

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History Happened Everywhere (HHE Podcast)

There is a history podcast for just about everything. And I mean it. This delightful and entertaining podcast randomly generates a place, a time and a topic and then does a deep dive, to prove that interesting history has happened everywhere and not just the places that get covered by other mainstream outlets.

So what subjects have they covered in recent weeks by hosts Ryan Weir and Peter Goddard? Stories and fiction from Italy in the Renaissance, poo in Scotland in the 1700s and communism in Antarctica during the Triassic period. Yep. The podcast is littered with facts and has been intricately researched and full of interesting facts, such as that Antarctica has a population of about 5000 people, has no national anthem and can be so cold in parts that any exposed skin can get immediate frostbite.


The Crossbow Killer

This new true crime series by BBC Radio Wales explores the brutal murder of a 74 year-old man, who was killed with a crossbow in the middle of the night whilst he was fixing the satellite dish on his roof.

The murder of retired lecturer Gerald Corrigan took place in one of the remotest parts of the UK, in Anglesey in Wales. It’s a harrowing and strange case with questions that continue to reverberate around the local community. The presenter and producer Meic Parry sensitively covers the subject, featuring interviews with those who knew him, including his daughter. The series is accompanied with poems by Rhys Lorwerth and music from Mark Roberts, who used to be in the band Catatonia.


Your Next Podcast

It's the key dilema of our time? What should I listen to next? It's what we do at Great British Podcasts, suggesting new shows for you to try. Well, with Your Next Podcast we've gone a step further. Each week there's a different recommendation for a new series to listen to PLUS we include the first episode as well!

This week, presenter Lauren Layfield is taking a look at The Missing.

So, if you follow Your Next Podcast there will ALWAYS be something new on your podcast app to listen to. What are you waiting for? Follow Your Next Podcast now.


The Price of Conviction

An informative and enlightening podcast that amplifies the lives of political prisoners who are serving time for standing up against authoritarian regimes. Their first series, of which there are so far three episodes out now, focuses on the story of Russian opposition political activist and journalist Vladimir Kara-Murza. Already poisoned twice in 2015 and 2017, he is currently serving a 25 year prison sentence after comments and activism against the Putin government.

The podcast is hosted by international human rights lawyer Yonah Diamond and comes from the Raoul Wallenberg Centre for Human Rights. “The media is constantly covering authoritarian regimes from a point of acceptance and despair, resigned to eternal rule by dictators or war,” says Kara-Murza. “This podcast is about showcasing the alternative leaders who can pave the way for a better, more democratic and peaceful future.”


Cooking the Books with Gilly

Our final podcast this week celebrates the best recipes, featuring interviews with the authors who came up with them. They’ve just launched a special summer series, featuring interviews with Chetna Makan from Bake Off and TV chef Shivi Ramoutar.

The summer series also talks about the generally unexplored topic of ‘matrescence’, which is the emotional, mental and physical changes that take place following the birth of a child. It is great to hear this topic, which many can relate to, being discussed so candidly.

Thank you as always for reading (and listening) and remember to start following our podcast - Your Next Podcast, which has a new podcast series to listen to each week.

We’ll be back next Sunday with another podcast newsletter and remember there will be more podcast recommendations, clips and stories on our new website Podcast Rex, all week.


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