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February 2023 Raine Study Newsletter

2023 Generations Follow-up
Everything is well and truly underway for the launch of our upcoming Generations Follow-up! This follow-up will include our original Raine children (Gen2) as well as their parents (Gen1) as full participants and offer them a free full health check. 

As it is set to be our biggest follow-up to date, we could potentially break records for participant engagement, as well as provide researchers with data in more health-related areas than ever before!

While we're busy getting equipment and assessments ready, we need your help to make sure this is our biggest follow-up ever. Reach out via email, phone, or our website to make sure all of your contact details are up to date and ready for you to come in and see us. Not sure if your details are up to date? You can always get in contact with us to confirm that we have everything correct.

Call us: 6488 6952 or 0402 289 896
Email us:
Reach out on the website:
Update Your Contact Details
Cohort Involvement - Cohort Consultation Meeting
The Raine Study wouldn't be able to contribute such amazing data to research without our participants and we believe that they deserve a voice in our research. The Raine Study offers a variety of opportunities for participants to attend, such as Cohort Consultation meetings and events where they can share their opinions and have a say in the running of our study.

Our next Cohort Consultation meeting will be held on the 14th of March at 6:30pm AWST and we will be discussing Gen3 eye health research. The project will be introduced to you by the researchers themselves, Professor David Mackey and Dr Samantha Lee, who will be investigating the eye health of Raine children between the ages of 5-18 years to explore the risk factors of Myopia (short-sightedness).

This Cohort Consultation meeting will be held on the 14th of March at 6:30pm AWST. Use the link below or email us at to register your interest.
Register Interest
Meet our Team

Aggie is our amazing Operations Manager and is responsible for all operational matters of the Raine Study. This includes anything from finance or human resources, to corporate support. She is also an important part of our Follow-up team as she oversees the operational issues related to our cohort follow-ups, data and biosample management, communications, and participant engagement.
Thanks Aggie!
The New Raine Study Car!

We welcomed a new member to the Raine Study Family this month, a Raine Study car! You may remember, in the past, we've had a Raine car to support us throughout a follow-up. This follow-up will be no different, as we now have a new car to drive us through our Generations Follow-up!
Thank you for your continuing support of the Raine Study!
Without your continuing participation and support we would not be able to contribute such important data to researchers. Thank you!
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