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December 2023 Raine Study Newsletter

Have you been hearing from us?
Here at the Raine Study, we use a variety of ways to contact you about news, upcoming events or follow-ups, or to make sure we have your details up to date. However, we've been hearing that quite a few people haven't been receiving our messages as they're increasingly getting blocked as an unknown number or sent to junk. So if you haven't heard from us for a while, check your junk or spam folders on email.

Another thing that can help avoid this is to add us to your phone and email contact list. Right now we have two mobile numbers we will contact you through: 0402 289 896 and 0447 863 944.  Our primary landline is 08 6488 6952 which may come up as a UWA telephone number (since that's where we're physically located). There are two email addresses that you will most usually see from us: is the email we will usually use for confirming appointment details or contact information, and is the email that our newsletters are sometimes sent from. 

While we will likely have additional numbers in use when the 2023 Generations follow-up begins, for now these will be the main phone numbers and emails we use for contacting you.
End of Year celebrations at the Raine Study
2022 was an amazing year at the Raine Study. We wrapped up our Heart Function Follow-up, we started putting the finishing touches to our upcoming Generations Follow-up, we held our first ever Raine Study Symposium and invited participants as well as researchers to come and enjoy a day of incredible presentations, and much much more.

We're so proud of the whole Raine Study team for all their hard work over the last year. They are such an incredible time who have worked hard to achieve all the big things we did this year and have planned for the very near future. They definitely enjoyed the opportunity to celebrate at our end of year team lunch! The most anticipated part of the day was our Secret Santa - can you guess who was lucky enough to receive a coffee cup with Santa's helper Director Romola pictured on the front? 
Festive End of Year Cards
Our participants have been amazing as well! From volunteering to be in video projects and participant panels, to getting in touch to ensure all your details are up to date you've been an incredible part of the Raine Study's year. To celebrate we've sent off a Season's Greeting card from the Raine Study team! If you didn't receive yours please get in touch so we can ensure we have your mailing address up to date.
Meet the Team - Diane
Meet Diane!

Diane is our Overall Follow-up Manager and Participant Engagement Coordinator. Diane has been with the Raine Study for 17 years!

As the Overall Follow-up Manager, Diane overseas the planning for all our follow-ups and manages the follow-up team. In her role as Participant Engagement Coordinator she also oversees all of our participant engagement making sure that we keep in touch with you all, that you are always informed about the current news and updates about the study, and that you can always contact the Raine Study team and ask questions or voice concerns and are listened to.

Thanks Di!
Thank you for your continuing support...
We hope you have had a safe and enjoyable holiday season and look forward to seeing many of you in person very soon!
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