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Updates from the Raine Study: August 2021

Hello, and welcome to our latest newsletter written especially for the participants of the Raine Study. It's been a busy few months!

In this issue, read about the latest researcher news and publications as well as the ongoing and upcoming follow-ups. We have vacancies on the Raine Study Community Advisory Committee, and we'll help you get to grips with that 30-year-old question, "Am I a Raine Study participant?" Lastly, a reminder that our 2021 Annual Scientific Meeting is coming up in October.

Thank you for allowing us to stay connected with you. Your commitment to the Raine Study over the last three decades has made a huge difference to scientific understanding of human health and wellbeing - we hope that our newsletter gives you the right amount of information toknow how much your contributions are appreciated and valued.

We love hearing from our participants, whatever the reason! If you've changed contact details recently, drop us a note to let us know or update your details here. Otherwise, follow along on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter for the latest as it happens.
Researcher News and Breakthroughs

This is just a sample of the research undertaken and papers published, and presentations given using Raine Study data since December 2020. It should also help give you an idea of the huge number of ways your participation in the Raine Study’s research is helping science. Read more about these achievements on our website. 
Congratulations Koya!
Congrats to long time friend of the Raine Study and leader of our Cardiometabolic Special Interest Group Dr Koya Ayonrinde, who was awarded a prestigious Emerging Leaders Fellowship at the WA Near-Miss Awards..
"Big Data" 
We were excited to see the Raine Study included in the latest edition of the University of Western Australia'ss Uniview magazine. Scientific Director Bec Glauert shares what "big data" is and how it isn't necessarily how much you have (though the Raine Study has a lot!) but what you do with it that matters...
High Blood Pressure Discriminates Gender?
New research in the international journal Hypertension, using data from the Raine Study, shows that a hormone that can cause high blood pressure behaves differently in young men versus young women. 
Physical Activity
Curtin University’s Professor Leon Straker (former Scientific Director of the Raine Study) shared his findings based on Raine Study data at the Wellbeing Health & Youth centre of excellence for teenage health.
Reproductive Health
The Raine Study Helps Give IVF Kids A Clean Bill Of Health: New research published in the medical journal Human Reproduction, using your data from the Raine Study, is being described as a major breakthrough in how we understand the long-term health implications for children born via IVF. 
Sleep Disorders 
Congratulations to UWA PhD candidate Kelly Sansom who was awarded the Raine Study PhD Top-Up Scholarship for 2021. Kelly is using the scholarship funding to progress her research into the connection between sleep-disordered breathing and cardiovascular disease, using your Raine Study data.
The Raine Study Community Advisory Committee Vacancy
The Raine Study’s Community Advisory Committee (RSCAC) is currently seeking additional participants to join the committee. The committee is  made up of Gen2 (participants born into the study) and Gen1 (their parents).

The RSCAC’s function is to provide input and a community perspective into the Raine Study activities, such as contributing ideas to enhance participant engagement, identifying areas of research that may be important to the Raine Study community, and providing feedback on the research undertaken. The committee was established to provide an important link to researchers with the Raine Study participant community. For more details visit https://cciprogram.org/opportunities/raine-study-community-advisory-committee/ 

Latest Follow-Up News

It’s full speed ahead with our current follow-up, the Gen2_28 Heart Function Follow-Up. This round of testing is a continuation of the Gen2_28 Vision and Vessels follow-up from 2018-2020, with a focus on our Generation 2 participants who attended the Gen2_28VV follow-up but didn’t have a heart ultrasound. We’re hoping to see between 10 and 12 participants a week, with the follow-up estimated to run until early-2022. Right now, we’re booking appointments from September onwards, so if you want to book in then give us a call on 0447 863 944 or email rainestudy@uwa.edu.au

Coming in 2023:
The Generations Follow-Up
We’re excited to be planning a new follow-up that will include both Generation 1 (the parents who are approximately 60 years old) and Generation 2 participants (the original babies who are approximately 30 years old) at the same time. This is 
the first time we’ve ever been able to do something like this, making this quite possibly the biggest follow-up we’ve ever done!
The official name for this new follow-up will be the Generations Follow-Up, with the short-hand version as follows:
  • Gen1_33 follow-up
  • Gen2_33 follow-up
The current plan is that we’ll be ready to start follow-up appointments with our participants from early 2023 – Follow-Up Manager Diane is working closely with the rest of the team to scope out what assessments will be included. In turn the Science team are working with our researchers to get them thinking about what studies they’d like to conduct.
While there are still many details to be finalised, we’d love to hear from you if there’s a topic you’d like to see included. Remember, the Raine Study isn’t just a pregnancy and child health study – it’s for all aspects of the human lifecycle from pre-birth through to end of life. If there’s a topic you think we should look into, your suggestion might be just what a researcher needs to make the case for why their research should be funded. Please don’t be shy – we welcome your suggestions

"Am I A Raine Study Participant? What Generation Am I?"

Scientific terminology can be confusing, so it’s not a surprise to find out just how many people aren’t aware that they are, in fact, a Raine Study participant. 
Being a Raine Study participant is not limited to just the original Raine Study babies born between 1989 and 1991. If you’re the biological parent, grandparent or offspring of one of our (now grown up) Raine Study babies, then you or they are a Raine Study participant. (Yay!) 
Still undecided? Read our guide to find out more.
Save the Date: 2021 Annual Scientific Meeting

Mark your calendars – our 2021 Annual Scientific Meeting will take place on Friday 29 October. The theme for this year’s event will be “The Next 30 Years”. While we’re still in planning mode, we’re keen to involve our participants (YOU) in as many ways as possible, whether that’s an in-person or video showcase of your ideas for what the future research focus of the Raine Study should be, or sharing your thoughts on how we can keep as many participants as possible coming back for future follow-ups. We’d love to hear your ideas – email them with the subject line “ASM 2021 Ideas” to rainestudy@uwa.edu.au
In Case You Missed It

The Raine Study Supports the Panel Pledge for Gender Equity

The Raine Study 2020 Annual Activity Report Is Available Online

The Raine Study Welcomes New Board Members
Since December 2020, there have been a number of changes in membership of the Raine Study Board. They are:
  • Notre Dame University: Professor Gervase Chaney, GP and Head of School/School of Medicine replaces Professor Greg Blatch
  • Edith Cowan University: Professor John Olynyk, Gastroenterologist and Dean of Clinical Research, replaces Associate Professor Therese O’Sullivan
  • Generation 2 Community Representative: William Aitken replaces Charlotte Diaz
  • Professor Romola Bucks is the new Director of the Raine Study
  • Associate Professor Rebecca Glauert is the new Scientific Director of the Raine Study 
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