In 2023 when we will start conducting a new follow-up that will involve two generations of Raine Study participants.
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August 2023 Raine Study Newsletter​

2023 Generations Follow-up

In 2023 we will start conducting our new follow-up which will involve two generations of Raine Study participants. This follow-up will involve our original Raine babies who were born between 1989-1992 (known as Gen2) as well as their biological parents (known as Gen1). We will be calling this follow-up the Generations follow-up to reflect the exciting multigenerational nature of this research.
 As we are preparing for the Generations follow-up, you may have received some messages from our team checking if all your details are all correct in our system. To ensure you are included in this follow-up, we need to make sure all your contact details are up to date. You can update your details by reaching out to us via email at or fill out our online contact details form  
To find out more about the Generations follow-up visit the Generations follow-up webpage on our website 
Cohort Involvement

We’ve been busy here at the Raine Study as we prepare for our Generations follow-up so we would like to thank all of our participants who have helped us with recent projects. Thank you to everyone who participated in our participant focus groups to give feedback to researchers on proposed projects utilising Raine data, this feedback truly helps shape Raine Study research. 

We’ve also had a few photo and video projects we were lucky enough to have participants be involved with! With the help of some amazing participants, we filmed a video showcasing the core measures of the Generations follow-up and the new rooms you’ll see when you come in next year. We’ve also been collecting participant photos to display at our Raine Study Symposium. If you have a family photo, a photo of your Gen3 Raine drop, or just a photo of you in your day-to-day life, send it in to Sending in photos will put you in the draw to win one of six $30 Coles/Myers gift vouchers. Thank you to everyone who has sent in photos already, we can’t wait to show you all off!
RSCAC Committee

The Raine Study Community Advisory Committee (RSCAC) consists of participants representing both our Gen1 and Gen2 cohort groups, who meet quarterly with the Raine Study team and researchers as well as advise a variety of Raine Study committees. RSCAC is a fundamental part of the Raine Study and is helps guide the future direction of the Raine Study, providing input into issues raised by staff, researchers and our partners.
Goodbye to one of our RSCAC members...

We want to thank Claire for all her support and contribution to the RSCAC as she moves on to further her career overseas. Claire said that the RSCAC was a great opportunity to contribute to the community, learn about new studies and be able to help shape Raine Study research.

Claire, thank you for everything and all the best for the future!
Meet our Team
Meet our Research Administrative Assistant, Gracie. She helps Diane Wood, our Overall Follow-up Manager, to get in touch with participants, makes sure we have everything ready for our Generations follow-up, and also helps run our social media. So if you see a social media post, receive a text, call or social media message, it is probably Gracie on the other end! 

We will be posting staff profiles once a fortnight so keep an eye out to find out more about our incredible team. 
Heart Function Follow-up
We are very happy to say that we have finished our Heart Function follow-up. Our incredible Research Assistants Sue and Bev did an incredible job and saw over 500 participants get heart ultrasounds over the course of this follow-up! Congratulations to Bev, Sue and the team for a great follow-up and thank you to all of the participants who came in.
Website Redesign

Have you visited our website recently? You may have noticed that we’ve redesigned our website and added new content. Have a look for yourself! 
Latest Research

We are incredibly grateful to have been contributing to research for over 30 years and love showcasing recent publications. The most recent publication using Raine Study data explores maternal tobacco and alcohol use during pregnancy and the risk of experiencing symptoms of anxiety in young adults. Read more about this publication and other research on our website 
Thank you...

Participants are, and have always been, at the heart of the Raine Study. You are the most important members of the Raine Study family, and we could not do what we do without your continuing support for over thirty years. We look forward to seeing you soon!​​​​
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