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November 2022 Raine Study Newsletter

As the year starts to wrap up, we're still working hard to get everything ready for our 2023 Generations Follow-up!
Who will be included in the Generations Follow-up?
The Generations Follow-up is a unique opportunity as we will be involving our Gen2 participants – the original Raine Study kids -  as well as their parents! This means if you are the parent of one of our original Raine Study kids, we consider you a Gen1 participant and you will be able to participate in this upcoming follow-up. While we will be contacting participants when we're ready to get you in, you can always contact us to update you contact details or if you have any questions about the follow-up.
You can contact us with your questions or to update your contact details through the button below or by
Phone: (08) 6488 6952 
Our website:

How will this follow-up be run?
This follow-up will run for around 3 years so you'll have plenty of time to come in and see us. We usually will call our Gen2 (our original Raine Study kids) participants in birth order with participants who were born in 1989 being first on the list so if you were born in 1989 or your child was born in 1989 keep an eye out for any messages or call from us in the new year as we will begin booking participants to come in for March of next year.However, as the follow-up will be running over 3 years if we catch you at a bad time we can always reschedule. This also means if you live internationally or interstate we will usually be able to make space for you if you find yourself in Perth over the next few years.

What will be included in the Generations Follow-up?
This follow-up will include a variety of tests that we have done in the past which will provide you with an overall health check. These tests make up a core set of standard measures we’ve been taking ever since the Raine Study first began! Some of the tests you will complete during your Generations include a DEXA body scan, a medical and food questionnaire, and a cognitive function test. 

Why are we having the Generations Follow-up?
Having a follow-up that includes Gen1 and Gen2 will open many new avenues for future research using multiple generations of Raine Study data which, in turn, will add significantly to the ongoing value of the Raine Study. Not only this but the follow-up will add to the rich and historically collected available data we already have at the Raine Study and can help participants better understand their health and wellbeing, and assist future health outcomes.
Update Your Contact Details!
Do you have other Raine Study participants in your network?
We have Raine Study participants all across Australia and the globe, so who knows if you have another Raine Study Participant in your life? We're asking our participants to post to their social media or spread through their community network to see whether you can help us find participants we've lost contact with.

To do this we've created a number of social media templates that you can post, including statuses and visual posts as seen below. You can access all of the different posts and posters on our Generations Follow-up Toolkit page
Click here to access our Participant Toolkit
If this is something you would like to do to help us prepare for our Generations Follow-up please get in touch via email (, phone (08 6488 6952) or on our website.

Don't have social media? That's okay, you can still help us out! We've made up posters that you can place in your community to see whether there are Raine Participants in your community. 
Meet our Team - Bev
Meet Bev!

Bev is one of our incredible Research Assistants. She's been with us for many years and is an invaluable part of the Raine Study family.

Bev helps us with all of our participant appointments, data collection, and manages the delivery of our online surveys. Thanks for all your hard work Bev.

Raine Study Symposium photos are here!

We're excited to share the incredible photos and videos taken at the Raine Study Symposium. It was an incredible day full of interesting research and an amazing participant turn out. 

If you weren't able to make it on the day, don't worry! As well as photos, we have also uploaded some of the presentations so that you don't miss out any of the days information.
Click here to see the RSS photo gallery
Latest Research

Researchers using Raine Study data have conducted a study that estimates the risk for heart disease using a combination of body weight, blood pressure, blood cholesterol and blood glucose. They found that a substantially greater number of participants at 17-years and 20-years were at a higher risk of heart disease than if they were classified by the presence of the “metabolic syndrome”. Therefore, use of the term “metabolic syndrome” significantly underestimates the number of adolescents and young adults at long-term risk of heart disease.

You can read more about this project and other research utilising Raine Study data on our website.
Thank you for your continuing support...
We've had a big year at the Raine Study and we couldn't have done it without our incredible participants. Thank you all so much for your amazing help and support.
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