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August 2023 Raine Study Newsletter​

The Raine Study Symposium 2022
We would like to thank all of our participants who were able to come to this year's Raine Study Symposium. Participants are at the heart of the Raine Study and you all made the day a truly memorable event.

A special thanks to the participant representatives on our participant panel who all did an incredible job discussing their experiences as Raine participants. Hearing from you all was a highlight of the day!
The Raine Study Symposium Photo Project
Thank you to all our participants who sent in photos for our photo project. The project helped illustrate how amazing, talented and unique all our participants are. Our Research Administrative Assistant Gracie said collecting and collaging all your photos has been her favourite job at the Raine Study so far!
Generations Follow-up
As we announced in our last newsletter, we are getting everything ready to see you in 2023 for our Generations follow-up.We are so excited for this upcoming follow-up as parents will be included as participants and receive a full health check! 

You may have been getting messages or calls from some of the Raine Study team to make sure all your contact details are up to date. To update your contact details you can call us on 0402 289 896, email us at or via our website: 

To explain what the study will involve and how excited we are to start, we have made a Generations Follow-up video that you can watch below or on our Youtube channel:
Meet our Team - Alex
Alex performs multiple roles within the Raine Study and is our Data & Biosamples Manager, Senior Research Officer and Deputy Operations Manager.

Alex has worked with the Raine Study since 2003 and plays a key role in data collection and managing the Raine Study's follow-ups. She also advises Raine Study leadership on data curation and storage.

With in-depth knowledge of research project study design including protocol development, Alex provides fundamental support to researchers from the planning stage of their research through to project proposal and conduct stage.

Thanks for everything Alex!
We post a staff profile every week on our Instagram so make sure to follow us to meet more of our team
Its Sue's Birthday!

We were lucky enough to celebrate Sue, our incredible Research Assistant and Phlebotomist this month. We love Sue and we're sure you do too! She's done amazing work for the Raine Study over the past 17 years and we are so incredibly lucky to have her. Happy birthday Sue!
Latest Raine Study Research:
One the Raine Study research publications looks at maternal tobacco and alcohol use during pregnancy and the risk of experiencing symptoms of anxiety in young adults. When they were pregnant, our Gen1 mums were asked to report the number of cigarettes they had per day and the total number of alcoholic drinks they had per week during the first and third trimesters of pregnancy. Once our Gen2s were born and all grown up, they were asked about experiences with depression and anxiety. Researchers used this data and found that young adults whose mothers reported tobacco smoking during the first and third trimesters of pregnancy were at increased risk of experiencing symptoms of anxiety at the age of 20 years. Luckily early screenings and prevention strategies may be able to reduce the risks of anxiety symptoms in young adults.

Without the help of our incredible participants, research like this would not be possible. Thank you all for your ongoing support and commitment to Australian health research.

You can find out more about this study on our website.
Thank you for your continuing support...
As always, we could contribute the population health research without the support and commitment of our participants. Without you there is no data, no research, and no Raine Study. You're all amazing! 
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