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October 2022 Raine Study Newsletter

We need your help!
We're getting everything ready for our 2023 Generations follow-up but we've lost touch with some of our participants. To get back in touch with all our participants we need your help! We are calling on our participants to help us by putting up Raine Study posters in your local communities, about the Raine Study in your community Facebook groups or even on your own social media. If you're interested please email or 

We'd also love to hear your suggestions on how we can spread awareness about the Raine Study and get back in contact with some of our participants. So if you have any ideas or suggestions, please reach out!
Update Your Contact Details!
We don't just want to talk to participants and families we've lost touch with, we also want to hear from you! Whether you are a parent of a Raine child or an original Raine baby we need to make sure we have everything up to date for you in our system. You're all participants and we include you as part of the Raine Study family

Thank you to everyone who has updated their details with us. It truly helps our team prepare for our Generations follow-up so much. To update your contact details you can contact us at:

Phone: (08) 6488 6952
Our website:
Meet our Team
We know she doesn't need any introduction but meet Sue!

Sue has helped keep the Raine Study running for over 15 years. Sue is our resident phlebotomist and research assistant and she is loved by our participants and team. She is blood taking wiz and you may see her when you come in for your Follow-up appointment next year.

Thanks for everything you do Sue, we love you!
Latest Research

Researchers using Raine Study data have found that sedentary behaviour in childhood and adolescence, such as sitting and watching TV, negatively impacts adult fitness at the age of 28 years. However, this negative impact of historical sedentary behaviour on cardiorespiratory fitness can largely be negated by engaging in higher levels of physical activity. You can read more about this research on our website.
Thank you!
As a Raine participant, you are a fundamental part of the Raine Study. Without you we would be able to help with 
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