Calling all Raine Study participants! Tell us what you think the next follow-up should include.
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You’re receiving this email because you're a Raine Study participant, and we’d love to hear your thoughts on what the next Raine Study follow-up should include.  

As you may know, the Raine Study will conduct a new follow-up that will involve both Gen1 (parents of those born into the study) and Gen2 (participants born into the study from 1989-1992), with estimated data collection starting in 2023. To make this follow-up as effective and useful as it can be, we’re seeking participant input via a brief, anonymous survey. 
Introducing the Generations follow-up
This new follow-up will be known as the Generations follow-up because it will focus on two rather than just one of our participants’ generations at the same time, something that we have never been able to do before.

We believe that it will open many new avenues for future research using Raine Study data, which in turn will add significantly to the ongoing value of the Raine Study. For maximum impact, we’d love to see as many Gen1 and Gen2 participants as possible take part in the follow-up.  

Making this follow-up relevant to YOU
We know that over time, some of the follow-ups we’ve conducted have felt less relevant to various members of our participant group. 
With this new follow-up, we want to ensure questions and measures on subjects that are of specific interest to our participants are included, not only the questions that researchers are focused on. It’s one small way we can express our gratitude to you for your 30+ years of involvement in the Raine Study. 
To do this, we’re starting with this short survey
. It will take around 5-10 minutes to fill out and is completely anonymous.  
Who should complete the survey? 
Since the Generations follow-up will collect data from Gen1 and Gen2, both Gen1 and Gen2 participants are invited to complete the survey.  
What is the survey about?
In a typical follow-up, there is a set of core measures which are always taken. These include measures of resting blood pressure, height and weight, body composition, cognitive function, sleep, and activity. We also collect blood and urine samples and ask you to complete questionnaires about you and your family, your lifestyle, diet, physical and mental health, and medical history. 

Above and beyond these core measures, researchers may secure funding to collect measures on other topics, which in the past have included such subjects as sleep, vision or heart health.
That’s what this survey is for – to help us understand the areas of health and wellbeing you want to see included in the Generations follow-up, to make sure that researchers are aware of your interest, to encourage them to seek funding to study these topics, and to seek your advice and input along the way.   
So, help us get the process started by sharing YOUR ideas about the topics you think we should study as part of the Generations follow-up. We have listed some of the ideas already suggested to us, but would love for you to suggest more or different research questions or topics by completing the survey by end of day (Western Australia time) on Friday 17 December 2021 

Should you have any questions about the survey or how your responses will be used, please contact our Participant Co-ordinator Diane Wood. 
Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts with us – it is deeply appreciated.  
Yours sincerely, 
Romola Bucks, Director and Rebecca Glauert, Scientific Director 

The Raine Study
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