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In this issue: legal change; new website; clinic news; tshirt sale; eidl loan info and more
Sticking Together, May 2021
POCA Cooperative Changes to 501c6
Thank you to all who participated in the survey! Out of 159 votes, 98.1% of respondents accepted the proposal to formally dissolve the legal cooperative so that POCA can continue as a 501c6.

POCA's New Website

POCA's new website is up and running! Conversations are starting and content from the old site is being moved over. You should have received an email with instructions about logging in. If you have questions, there is news about the transition in this blog post - including how to get up and running. 
Job Postings
These are a few of the job openings for punks in the POCAverse:
  • Manchester Acupuncture Studio, both Manchester and Nashua locations in NH,
  • Open Space Community Acupuncture in Somerville MA,
  • Sarana Community Acupuncture in Albany CA,
  • Community Acupuncture of Marin CA, and
  • Bellingham Community Acupuncture in Bellingham WA
Blowout POCA T-Shirt Sale
Make a fashion statement this summer! All POCA t-shirts are on sale for 50% off. Prices start as low as $6 per t-shirt. They are available in both unisex and woman’s style AND in three different color combinations. (Unlike the graphic, they aren't pixelated or fuzzy.)

Acupuncture Together is moving

Acupuncture Together, located in Cambridge, MA since May of 2008, is moving to Medford, MA this May! POCA punks Justine Myers, Lic. Ac. and Andrew Cheever, Lic. Ac. are excited about the move to this new cozy storefront space located just 1.5 miles from the original location.
Does Your Clinic Have a Small Business Administration EIDL Loan?
A tip from Carmen - The amounts of these loans may be able to be increased. If you're interested, log in to your portal and press the blue "INCREASE YOUR LOAN" button.
Book Recommendation
Justine Myers (Acupuncture Together)  writes in with this book review of “What We Don’t Talk About When We Talk About Fat” by Aubrey Gordon - This book provides countless examples of fat discrimination people face in everyday situations, relationships, the media and healthcare. The whole book is valuable, but in particular for our work in community acupuncture, Chapter 7, “Do No Harm.” This chapter describes in depth the anti-fatness bias of healthcare providers and the many negative consequences patients experience as a result.  “Anti-fat bias, not fatness itself, may be fat people’s greatest health risk.”
Recommended Webinar
POCA member Ryan Bemis conducted a webinar titled Acupuncture for the Displaced and Incarcerated in March. This was part of the City of Las Cruces’ Remembrance and Return week amidst a program of activities focusing on Julie Otsuka’s book When the Emperor Was Divine on the Japanese Internment Camps in the United States during World War 2.
Anti-Asian Activism Work
Tyler Phan, a member of POCA Tech’s advisory board and a visiting anthropology lecturer at the University of Pittsburgh, was interviewed in Public Source on his experiences of anti-Asian racism and his advocacy work in Pittsburg, PA. 
Podcast on History of the BPP
This NPR’s podcast episode looks into the history of the Black Panther Party. Historian Donna Murch talks about the Black Panther Party's battles for social justice and economic equality, both of which are the centerpiece of the Oscar-nominated film Judas and The Black Messiah.
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